At EduAvenues, we invest in exceptional people to create exceptional outcomes for our students. We believe that people are at the heart of any successful venture, so we operate under a people-first mindset. Every student, tutor, and staffer we work with is considered a part of our extended family. 

Meet our Co-Founders:


Neil Kothari

Neil Kothari is an undergraduate at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce, studying Finance, IT, and Applied Statistics. He graduated from TJHSST in 2019. He works on the Credit Strategy and Capital Markets teams at Atlanta Financial Technology firm GreenSky, acquired by Goldman Sachs. Neil will join Evergreen Services Group by Alpine Investors as a Private Equity Summer Analyst in 2022.


He has over 5 years of experience tutoring and mentoring students of all ages in a number of academic subjects and extracurricular disciplines. 


Vishnu Murthy

Vishnu Murthy is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science & Data Science in the College of Engineering. He graduated from TJHSST in 2019. Vishnu is a software engineer at Amazon Web Services.


Vishnu has over 4 years of tutoring under his belt, teaching subjects including math, computer science, and TJ/SAT prep. He emphasizes learning underlying concepts behind course material and finding connections with other concepts to inspire joy in learning. Vishnu is highly adaptive to each student's learning styles and needs.