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Course Description

What courses should I select? How many AP Classes do I need to take? Which extracurriculars should I join? How do I prepare for the ACT/SAT?


In this course, students learn how to set themselves up for success in the College Admissions Process, geared towards top-25 schools and Ivy-league programs

Learning Goal

By the end of this course, students will have a plan for how to approach academics, extracurriculars, testing, athletics, and the college admissions process as a whole.

Students will also gain access to numerous academic resources and templates to advance their applications.


When: August 16th - 19th 2022, 4pm - 6pm

Where: Live Online Instruction, via Zoom

Instructor: Neil Kothari (Co-Founder)


Summer 2022


Academic Roadmap

  • 4-year plan to tailor academic coursework towards passions

  • Selection of AP & post-AP courses

  • Balancing academic rigor with stress

  • How to conduct original academic scholarship

  • What happens if I run out of coursework?

  • How important is GPA? How important are grades?

  • Study strategies, time/stress management

Tailoring Extracurriculars

  • Developing a “hook” to position yourself for college admissions

  • Exploring creative avenues to use your strengths and interests to develop passions

  • How to avoid chasing meaningless officer positions

  • How to identify unique extracurriculars

  • How to achieve within extracurriculars


  • How to use the Common Data Set

  • When to take standardized tests, how to approach them

  • Athletics in high school and their value

  • How to build relationships with helpful individuals

  • College admissions networking (foot in the door)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the class size? What is the student:instructor ratio?
A: We cap our student to instructor ratio at 9:1. In other words, for every 9 students, we have at least 1 instructor present. This helps ensure that each student is able to receive plenty of individualized attention throughout the course.

Q: What if I can't attend one of the classes? What is the makeup policy?

A: No worries, we record every session, so every student can stay on pace. All students and parents will have access to the course material including recordings for the following year.

Q: How much homework can my student expect to receive per week?

A: Students can expect to receive 3-5 hours of homework between sessions, for a total of 12-20 hours of assignments outside of the class, depending on the quantity of colleges of interest.

Q: Whom does this curriculum apply to?
A: This curriculum is geared toward any student who is entering or currently in high school, looking to refine their college admissions strategy. The course is major-agnostic. Whether you're going into medicine, computer science, or business, nursing, or the arts — this course is for you!

Q: Is there a sibling discount?

A: Yes! We have a $100 discount per family, for any families with two siblings who are enrolled in any of our bootcamps in the same year. Please email us to receive this discount.