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Our Approach? Work Smart, then Hard

Navigating the complex and competitive landscape of college admissions? EduAvenues is here to guide you. Leveraging our combined 15+ years of expertise, we provide personalized college admissions consulting to help you stand out, all from the comfort of your own home (online). Our unique approach goes beyond telling students to get good grades - we focus on course selection, study habits, test preparation, passion-infused extracurricular activities, civic engagement, summer programs, research opportunities, standout essays, and interview skills.

Rather than chasing after meaningless extracurriculars and "resume-padding," we nurture students in what they're genuinely interested in to help them realize their full potential. We help ensure they stay on track to earn admission to their dream college.

We Pride Ourselves on Results

Over 4/5 of our students earn admission to one of their top 3 choices

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Preparation Paths and Timelines
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The biggest myth about college admissions is that it begins during a student's junior year (11th grade). At EduAvenues, we firmly believe that College Admissions begins in the summer between 8th and 9th grade. 

Our students in Silver and Gold Tiers work with us throughout their 4 years of high school on every element of the college admissions process, in order to craft the perfect application, until the moment they lick submit, reducing stress for students and parents alike.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need College Counseling?
A: The reality is that most high schools may not have the capacity to offer the in-depth college admission guidance necessary for maximizing a student's chances of admission at leading colleges and universities. With each public school counselor typically responsible for almost 500 students, many families settle for the limited college counseling available. Contact us and discover how EduAvenues' Silver and Gold Tiers can do so much more to guide your child on their journey to their dream college."

Q: What exactly is offered? What are the differences between Gold and Silver Tiers?

A: To find a comprehensive list of everything we offer, including the differences between Gold and Silver Tiers, please click here.

Q: Do you tailor the program to individual interests? Who should enroll
A: This curriculum is geared toward any student who is entering or currently in high school, looking to refine their college admissions strategy. Our counseling is major-agnostic, as we tailor individual counseling to each student's interest. Whether you're going into medicine, computer science, business, nursing, or the arts — this preparation is for you!

Q: I'm looking for something a little bit different. Do you offer X?
A: Please contact us at We know that different students have different needs. We will work with you and your student to come up with a plan and see what we can do.

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