Glass Buildings

High School Mentorship

Navigating high school can be a difficult process. Every student has a different path, with varying interests, academic strengths, and college goals. Planning early will allow you to position yourself for a strong college application and create a wealth of new opportunities.


Through mentorship, we work with parents and students to make realistic plans with tangible steps to achieve their goals. We help students maximize their likelihood of admission to the colleges of their dreams and make the most of their high school experience through stress-free planning that fits your student’s individual needs.


What we offer:

  • Exploring creative avenues to use your strengths and interests to develop passions

  • Academic roadmap (4-year plan, selection of AP & post-AP courses)

  • Tailoring extracurriculars to create a powerful admissions profile

  • Developing a “hook” to position yourself for college admissions

  • College application guidance and support

  • College admissions networking (how to get yourself “in the door”)

  • Support for pre-college summer programs, research and internship opportunities


On an as-needed basis:

  • Achieving a competitive edge in national competitions, academic olympiads, and business pitches

  • Acquiring scholarships and national recognition

  • Athletic recruitment 

Our Edge:

  • We recently went through the process ourselves. As recent students, we can empathize with the challenges of High School students

  • We are more affordable than most college consultants with proven results

  • We take a holistic approach, helping students develop their own true interests

  • We treat our students like family; going the extra mile to do things the correct way