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College Admissions Consulting

EduAvenues CollegePrep provides families with a trusted partner and individualized guidance in College Admissions. We provide personalized college admissions consulting to help you stand out, all from the comfort of your own home.

Preparation Paths


Understand the admissions process end-to-end. Carefully curated videos and in-depth guides ranging from academics to extracurriculars and scholarships to admissions strategy. Access anytime, anywhere.

Gold-Tier Counseling

Work with an admissions counselor 1:1  to carefully craft your application strategy. Maximize your extracurriculars, pursue a passion project, land summer internships, and set yourself on a path to success. (Self-Paced Program Included)

Application Assembly

Work with us to assemble your college application. Curate your list of universities, maximize the impact of your activities & honors lists, craft the perfect supplemental & personal statement essays, prepare for interviews, and place finishing touches.

Our Results (Past 4 Years)

We pride ourselves on results. Students are consistently admitted to Top-25 universities, both within the United States and abroad. ~92% admissions rate to at least one "reach" school

Harvard University (11)

Dartmouth College (8)

University of Virginia (UVA) (63)

Northwestern University (6)

Johns Hopkins University (7)

University of Chicago (14)

University of Rochester (1)

Wellesley College (2)

UMD College Park (25)

Cornell University (20)

University of Pennsylvania (15)

Duke University (18)

Georgetown University (18)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) (15)

UC Berkeley (34)

UC Los Angeles (16)

UC Davis (8)

UC Irvine (9)

UC San Diego (11)

UC Santa Barbara (7)

UC Santa Cruz (6)

UC Riverside (4)

UC Merced (3)

Carnegie Mellon Comp Sci (15)

Indiana University Kelley Business (9)

The Ohio State University (10)

Princeton University (7)

Yale University (9)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (12)

Brown University (11)

Amherst College (2)

College of William & Mary (74)

Vanderbilt University (14)

New York University (NYU) (19)

Haverford College (1)

Emory University (14)

Middlebury College (1)

Wesleyan University (4)

Boston University (11)

Virginia Tech (17)

McGill University (5)

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (3)

Columbia University (14)

University of Michigan (19)

University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) (7)

Villanova University (Business) (7)

George Washington University (8)

University of Notre Dame (7)

University of Waterloo (2)

Tufts University (3)

University of Toronto (3)

University of Oxford (4)

University of Cambridge (4)

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (5)

Stanford University (6)

Imperial College London (4)

ETH Zurich (2)

National University of Singapore (NUS) (5)

University of Melbourne (3)

University of Sydney (2)

University of British Columbia (6)

George Mason University (13)

James Madison University (7)

VCU (14)

University of Florida (20)

Florida State University (8)

University of Miami (9)

Radford University (2)

Old Dominion University (5)

Christopher Newport University (3)

Virginia Military Institute (VMI) (4)

University of South Florida (2)

Northeastern University (8)

Purdue University (15)

Georgia Tech (16)

Our students have now also secured a collective $2.7MM in scholarships for major merit scholarships, including a few full-ride programs. Our students have earned: the Jefferson Scholarship (UVA), Morehead-Cain (UNC), Cornelius Vanderbilt, Robertson (Duke/UNC), Purdue Presidential, USC Presidential, Coca-Cola, and Emory Scholars, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

When do parents typically begin college consulting?

Students can begin with us as early or as late as they wish. While most students begin at the start of high school, we've supported students from 1st grade, all the way through 1 week before their application deadline. It depends on career goals, target schools, and extracurriculars — regardless of our start date, the goal is to maximize the student's outcomes, helping them present the best version of themselves.

Who would my student be working with?

Your student will be paired with a counselor that best matches their profile and our availability. Each of our counselors has between 5 and 12 years of experience, graduating from Top-25 programs including MIT, UVA, Harvard, Michigan Engineering, Georgia Tech Engineering, and/or UChicago Booth. Some have spent years as admissions readers, whereas others have served on endowment fund Board of Directors. With a consistent curriculum and process across all of our counselors, rest assured, your student is in good hands. Each of our counselors for Gold-Tier counseling is limited to 10 students per cohort to ensure the individualized attention your student — and application — deserves.

I have a rising senior who is just beginning the college application process. What are your options and when should we get started?

We have several options for the assembly of 12th grade college applications — you can read more about them here.

Why can’t I just use my student’s school counselor?

You certainly can, but high school guidance counselors are stretched thin, especially as deadlines approach. The average public school counselor works with nearly 500 students. School counselors also have fundamentally different goals, creating a potential conflict of interest. For many, the goal is to get students into any university, not necessarily the best university. In addition, school counselors are not professional writers and editors, and typically don’t know their students beyond their transcript and resume. Some do not even know their name. Each of our counselors is limited to 10 students per cohort to ensure the individualized attention your student — and application — deserves.

Do you offer multi-year packages or payment plans?

Our Self-Paced course is a one-time registration, and students retain access until the end of their senior year. For Gold Tier counseling, we do not offer multi-year contracts, as we want parents and students to evaluate their fit with the program rigorously each year. While a student will almost always stick with the same counselor if they decide to renew from one year to the next, we try to avoid locking parents into burdensome agreements. Across all options, we do offer payment plans via providers such as PayPal and Stripe, often with low or no-interest. Please contact us at if interested.

My student is interested in starting a business. Can you help with that?

Independent projects are not only possible, but highly encouraged. With tens of thousands of applicants who have excellent grades, test scores, and school extracurriculars, independent projects can be a fantastic way to stand out. Over the years, we’ve helped students start for-profits, 501c3 nonprofits, e-commerce sites, podcasts, blogs, and influencer profiles. Whatever their passion, our goal is to bring together short term interests with long-term career goals in a way that stands out to admissions committees. We even provide a list of over 250+ ideas to help them jumpstart their independent project, along with individualized guidance as part of Gold-Tier counseling.

So, am I guaranteed a admission into Harvard?

With incredibly competitive admissions processes — for the class of 2027, Harvard admitted only 3.4% of applicants and rejected many students with perfect grades and scores. We do not make guarantees about specific schools. If any counselor says they can guarantee admission, it should be an immediate red flag. What we can guarantee is that we will work tirelessly to help maximize your student’s chances of admission to their reach schools.

Do you offer consulting for students outside the northern Virginia area?

Yes, we have students across the country, as far as California and Texas. We also work with students in India, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, Canada, London, and France among others. We meet regularly over Zoom. This allows students and parents to log in anytime, anywhere.

EduAvenues keeps you on track.

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