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CollegePrep Self-Paced Program




Academic Planning

  • 4-Year Course Planning; selecting the right coursework

  • GPA Calculator that is school-agnostic; includes weighted and unweighted GPA

  • Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Coursework

  • How to align coursework to create a "narrative"

Extracurriculars, Research, and Summer Programs

  • List of 176 extracurricular, summer, and internship opportunities across engineering, business, pre-med, nursing, computer science, and humanities, ranked by prestige

  • How to select extracurriculars that stand out

  • Maximize your extracurricular opportunities

  • List of 250+ ideas for independent projects and quantifiable metrics

  • Finding research opportunities; publishing in peer-reviewed research journals

  • Cold-Email Research Networking Template for Professors

Standardized Testing

  • Understanding AP Exams, IB Exams, DSAT, ACT, TOEFL (for international students)

  • Compiled List of Digital SAT Practice Exams, ACT and DSAT reference materials

College Selection and Admissions Insights

  • Access to real Harvard Admissions Scoring Guide and admissions data analysis

  • The Common Data Set and "Demonstrated Interest"

  • Understanding international universities, including the UK, Canada, and Asia

  • Developing a balanced list of reaches, targets, and safeties

Financial Aid and Paying for College

  • Understanding the FAFSA and CSS profile: maximize federal and non-federal aid

  • List of 100+ merit and need-based scholarships

  • How to negotiate financial aid at private institutions

Profile Boosters

  • Resume creation guide; template, and 5 examples

  • LinkedIn profiles, how to use networking to propel your career opportunities

  • How to network with college admissions officers to get your foot in the door

Applying to College

  • Ace your college admissions interview; guide + sample questions and responses

  • Writing the Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays

  • California, Texas, and International Schools

  • How to receive the best letter of recommendation from teachers and counselors

  • How to make your activities and honors lists stand out

  • How to handle unique situations and personal circumstances affecting application

  • Restrictive Early Action vs. Early Decision 1 & 2 vs. Early Action vs. Regular Decision


  • Understanding HS and NCAA athletics, athletic recruiting, and scholarships

  • Referrals to external tutors for academic support

  • Advising support through our Q&A forum and email

  • Specialized resources for TJHSST students


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How is this course run?
A: This course is administered via Google Classroom. This a platform that's highly intuitive and easy for students to understand — they often use similar platforms like Schoology, Blackboard, or Canvas 
at school. There are pre-recorded videos and guides that walk students through exactly how to plan, structure, and write their responses, along with examples and templates.

Q: What if my student has a question? Whom can they talk to?
A: We utilize an easy-to-use platform called Padlet, for students to ask and answer questions. One of our instructors (all alumni of T-25 universities) will respond to the student, typically within a couple of hours with a detailed and comprehensive response. They can also see responses to other students' questions that have already been asked and answered. If the student has further questions, they can always send us a note via WhatsApp or email. We are highly responsive and committed to ensuring that students get all of their questions answered.

Q: How long does this course take? 

A: In total, it takes approximately 70 hours to review and complete all of the material this course. We have had successful students complete a previous version of this course in as little as 2 weeks, and as long as 4 years. The most successful students review all of the materials (sometimes multiple times), and engage by frequently asking questions as they arise.

Q: How long does the student get course access for?
A: The student receives access until the end of their senior year, regardless of when they registered. For example, a student who signs up in 6th grade would have access to the material until 12th grade, along with any updates we made to the course -- at no additional cost. It is to your advantage to start early. We avoid the gimmicks of monthly or annual fees to encourage students to start as early as possible.

Q: Is there a sibling discount?

A: Yes! We have a $100 discount per family, for any families with two siblings who are enrolled in any of our courses in the same year. This will be applied as a credit back to your original payment method. After signing up, please email us to receive this discount.

Q: Can I switch later into Gold Tier Counseling? Will you prorate the tuition?
A: Yes, so long as there is a seat available in Gold T
ier. Seats are extremely limited, as we take a limited number of students for Gold Tier per cohort. We will apply a credit for the amount paid for small group coaching toward 

Q: Do you offer scholarships for low-income students?
A: Yes, with appropriate documentation. We have provided over tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships thus far, and will continue to support low-income students. Every student is able to take advantage of our curriculum regardless of ability to pay. Admissions is not "pay to play." Please email us at to find the scholarship application form.

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